Elevate Your Home with Scent & Style

This Chinese New Year, we are blending the harmony of delightful scents with the elegance of organized living. Dive into the festivities with our Luxurious Entryway Duo!

Organise in Style

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

Fits up to Size 13, together with an innovative 120° opening feature that gives you access to your shoes (no more bending over)!

5-Star Luxury Scent Solution

OCDEE™ ScentFlow Scent Machine

Transform your home and elevate your mood with long-lasting scent throughout your home living space. 

Enjoy wide coverage of scent up to 1,500 sq.ft and smart control via app!

When Functionality Meets Style

"Good quality diffuser with sweet calming scent"

Trusted Brand

Always satisfied with my purchase with OCDEE as it will be stylish and of quality.


"Best way to organise and display shoes collection"

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