Our Story

As a Passionerd

Live Passionately

ocdee is a functional home and lifestyle brand, born out of a deep appreciation for the vibrant shoe collecting trend.

Our journey began with a mission to provide high-quality, functional shoeboxes for shoe enthusiasts, enabling them to store and proudly display their prized kicks.

As we caught the wave of this trend, we discovered a bigger purpose - supporting enthusiasts and passionate individuals in showcasing their diverse interests and collections. This realization expanded our vision and inspired us to create modular and stylish organisation solutions that cater to a broader range of hobbies and passions.

At ocdee, we believe that each individual is unique, and personalisation is at the heart of what we do. Our driving principle is to help a wider audience achieve their own distinctive space that reflects their personality and passions.

We hope for ocdee to be more than just a brand; rather a celebration of passion and individuality. 

What "ocdee" stand for


Embrace your originality. Let your space tell your story.