It's never "About us",
it will always be "About you"

It started with a thought for a conducive space;
how we can get the most out of every space, regardless of the size;
how can we make something ordinary works for everyone.

Ordinary Concept Done Exceptionally Excellently

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The basic of creating a simple, organised, and beautiful looking space.

A statement made possible through a wide range of thoughtfully designed, functional housewares at prices that are affordable by as many people as possible.


Do Right Things

We emphasise a high standard of simplicity in every department of the business; starting from product designing, followed by material sourcing, packaging, operation processes; in order to create an exceptional customer experience.
We acknowledge the importance of conducive space to one’s well-being, and we aim to make this simple privilege accessible universally.

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Less landfills, more space for everyone

We celebrate space, hence we’re highly conscious about the impact of our business towards the planet. Sustainability is a key part of our everyday decision, and we’re working on conversing natural resources and yet enabling our customers to live more sustainably at home. One way to do it is to build amazing products using sustainable materials in order to reduce consumptions of raw materials.

OCDEE Vision

Upgrade your space with us