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OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
Looi Wei Hung

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

Good 👍

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Nice......

ok. nice packaging

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

Not fit

Not fit my RW 8875

Best purchase!!!!!!

Good quality. will buy again.
please give me 10% discount voucher.
i want to buy more.

Amazing Customer Service

I had my order messed up by their warehouse team and their Operation Exec took no longer than few hours to accommodate me with my issue and settled it within 3 days.

The product itself is quite an innovation and functions more than just for shoes. Durable but unot too rigid. Everything just fits nicely. Kudos!

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

OCDEE™ Eco-Tastic Bag [2nd Anniversary Special]

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
Wei Shung Lim
Awesome Purchase

Easy setup. Clean look. Love it!

Very good

delivery time and item received

delivery time is fast but some of the part is broken. email respond is fast and helpful. broken parts will be replace.

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
Mohd khawarizmi Anuar

Im satisfied with your product.. Will repeat order in the future

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
Liew Jeng fung

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

Very good quality and value for money, second time purchase here

Already bought this for the second time, good quality and value for money !!

Good as usual

Quality product, fast delivery

Good quality and service

The box is clear and good. It sent fast.

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
Gilbert Boon Seah Gan

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox

Very satisfying

This is my second purchase... Very easy to install, good quality and this time I received a super cool bag.. Very beautiful and comfortable... Thanks ocdee!

Good value for money

The Convi shoebox is best value for money on the market. Good and solid shoeboxes at good prices. Also really friendly and nice customer service. Highly recommended. Thanks Ocdee!

OCDEE™ Eco-Tastic Bag [2nd Anniversary Special]
Syed Mohammad Hafiz Syed Shahrul Zaman
Quality Product, but Please Make Side Door Version

Your product is good in quality, sturdy, smooth handling, easy installation, and big - can fit 2 pairs of shoes. I plan to keep in my can, but due to its size, it takes up lot of my car bonet. Please come out with side door version to minimize the space. Thank you.