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Set of 2 - LAX Bric Bundle (Carry On 20''+ Checked In 24")
Fauziah Abdullah

Set of 2 - LAX Bric Bundle (Carry On 20''+ Checked In 24")

Top shoes box in the market

Everything are excellent

OCDEE™ Foldi Storage Box (Small/17L)

Good products

My 3rd purchase

Quality good. Will repurchase soon.

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
Shanker Ramasamy

Easy to assemble. Great innovative product

excellent design

easy to assemble.. easy to stack... nice looks

Great customer service and response time

A couple of shoeboxes I bought came cracked and were missing some parts. I reached out to the customer service. They promptly sent out replacements within a day. Issue resolved within a week. Keep it up!

Save of space

This was my second purchased, like the Foldi storage box. Easy to fix and it fit my limited space.

good quality

OCDEE™ Foldi Storage Box (Large/30L)

good quality

fast delivery, proper packing and good quality

OCDEE™ Basic Shoebox - Bundle of 3

Helpful after sales support

Indeed a responsible shop which provide swift support when customer facing an issue. Appreciated !

LAX Bric - Carry On 20''/ Checked In 24''
m hafiz a aziz
LAX Bric - Carry On 20''

1) the position of the handle did save some space inside the luggage, which is very convenient for me. sometimes i do find the position of the handle inside the luggage can be pretty annoying; 2) it would be good if there is another non movable handle (similar to the side) on top of the luggage for a user to hold on to carry instead of holding the current moveable handle.

Set of 2 - LAX Bric Bundle (Carry On 20''+ Checked In 24")
Nice but...

I was drawn to the design not having the handle 'bumps' inside the bag. The flat surface inside does make packing better. However, after using my set for 2 international trips, I must point out observations.

The cons :

1. The cases are heavy (empty) so I wasn't able to pack as much as I need for my 4 day events. The cabin bag alone is 4kgs which only allowed me 3kg worth of contents.

2. The pop up handle, while sturdy and nice to drive, does not help when trying to get your bag off the luggage belt as you can't always reach the button to release it. If I hadn't added a luggage strap I would have ended up chasing my bag around the conveyor belt trying to grab it.

3. The handle on the side is also not easy to grab as it rest flush to the bag and you'd have to pull it up before you can slip your hand into it in order to lift the bag. There is also very little space if you have a big, broad hand.

4. It's a 'hard' case so you have no options to expand the bag if necessary.

5. The surface picks up dirt & marks easily and isn't easy to remove.

The pros :

1. It's attractive. I was able to personalize it (as per photos) to make it more identifiable. It also received many compliments for it's colour & design.

2. It doubles up as a flat surface should you need one.

3. The handle is easy to hold & to manouver the case.

4. The wheels are smooth.

All in all, it's a solidly built case, but I would only use it for local trips where weight is not an issue.


very good

Awesome products, sturdy and easy to install!

This is my 2nd time buying this shoebox. All my fav shoes are well kept inside this cool shoebox!

OCDEE™ Convi Shoebox
'Ariff Mansor
Prompt service

I got a clear notification on the delivery, and able to manage my time upon delivery. The stuff was packed well, thank you so much OCDEE

Convi Shoebox review

Delivery was fast. Packaging was very good. Product price is a bit pricey but quality is good.

Excellent Ocdee Shoe Box

This shoe storage is not only sleek and stylish, but also highly durable, making it a desirable addition to any space.

Missing Part

Received parcel with 1 part missing for one of the boxes. Still waiting for reply from customer service and replacement part. So far no news and update.

good packaging and easy installation.

OCDEE™ Foldi Storage Box (Large/30L)