4 Simple Steps To Maintain OCDEE’s Shoebox

4 Simple Steps To Maintain OCDEE’s Shoebox

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When it comes to keeping your shoes fresh and clean, OCDEE’s shoeboxes are always the lifesaver. However, let’s face it, after a while of leaving our shoeboxes out in the open, they’ll start to get a bit...well… dirty, or even turn yellowish if they’re exposed to the UV rays for a period of time.


As we are here to save the day..AGAIN!


Below are some Q&As related to the maintenance of OCDEE’s shoebox that hopefully can reduce some scratches on your head


1. How often should we clean OCDEE shoebox?

We highly recommend our customers to clean their shoebox twice a month (at least), to prevent the collection of dust.

2. How should I clean the shoebox?

Dip a clean, lint-free cloth in vinegar and give your shoeboxes a vigorous wipe down. 
Let them air out and dry completely so that your shoebox doesn’t smell like salad.

Life hack: Use microfibre cloth to prevent any fluff that might stick onto your box!

3. How long can the shoebox last?

Generally, our shoeboxes can last for a good period of time unless it was not handled well (ex: dropped/ toppled). However, say in about 10 years time, there might be some discolouration going on due to long exposure to UV rays.

4. Why would the plastics turn yellow?

It is completely normal for plastics to turn yellow, especially when it is exposed to UV light. But as our shoebox uses virgin material, it will be unlikely for them to turn yellowish in a short period of time, unless they are constantly being put out to direct sunlight.

So, it will be advisable to store and protect your shoeboxes indoors or somewhere with shades.


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