Celebrate this moment with us!

Celebrate this moment with us!

Celebrating our first year anniversary at OCDEE with some crazy milestones! Taking this opportunity to thank you for being part of this growth. ❤️

JULY is our favourite month of the year,
it reminds us of where things all begin and also our core mission and value of becoming a specialty brand for storage and organisation solutions.

Kicking off with our hero product, Convi Shoebox on last year’s 8th of July, we’re naturally perceived more as a shoebox brand. Along the year, we progressively come out with more storage focused products to then establish ourselves as a brand that doesn't just make shoeboxes but all kinds of storage and organisation solutions. And these wouldn't have been done without the team’s dedication and your unconditional support.

Thus, OCDEE’s anniversary isn't just a celebration of our milestone, but more importantly a reminder of the effort and sacrifices our proudest employees took, the trust-based relationships we’ve built with our customers, and the communities we serve.

After all, without you guys, this anniversary never would have happened